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Content Services

Your online audience isn’t interested in ads. If you want your message to be heard, you need to offer something of value, whether that’s information or entertainment.

Content marketing — a smart, cost-effective approach based on the production and distribution of quality, targeted content — does just that. Through blog posts, infographics, though leadership pieces and tutorials, you can tell compelling stories that strengthen the identity of your brand, boost customer engagement, and increase your conversion rate.

Blink will work with you to determine the best types of content for your target audience, as well as the most appropriate channels of distribution and the ideal posting frequency.

Content Marketing Services

We create valuable, engaging content that’s tailored to suit your brand and will get your audience talking. We’ll discuss your content marketing needs with you, and decide together whether you’d like to focus on blog posts, articles, infographics, thought leadership pieces, how-to guides, tutorials, video content — or a little bit of everything.

On-Site Copywriting

When you have something important to say, it’s important to say it right. Weak, uninspiring copy can kill your message before you’ve even shared it with the world. How can your audience have faith in your brand when your press releases are poorly written and your website is riddled with typos?

Using carefully constructed sentences and the subtle nuances of language, we’ll make sure your message is clear and succinct without being overbearing. Whether you need vibrant promotional pamphlets or simple, to-the-point product descriptions, we have the skills to help your business meet its goals.

Content Marketing Strategy & Auditing

Want to manage your content marketing in-house, but need a little guidance? Our content strategies are informed by goal-led research, so we begin by making sure we understand your brand’s objectives. The data gathered in the research stage will underpin the rest of the process, so whether you wish to increase brand awareness to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, Blink will work out the most effective way to do it.

This research will inform your editorial calendar, so we can advise you on what to post, how often to post it, and which channels will be most effective for distribution.

Anything Else?

Our copywriters are highly experienced in crafting compelling copy for both web and print, and can work to any brief or specifications. If you don’t yet have an established tone of voice, we’ll help you develop one before we get started.

We can help your brand create better content. Want to find out how?