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Sam is the MD and founder of Blink. An experienced journalist, copywriter and technical SEO, he is also passionate about project management and building effective teams.

The Problem With Paid Awards

“You guys have a great portfolio. Why haven’t you won any awards?” This is a question we were again asked recently, and now looks like as good a time as any to put our thoughts on this subject out there. First, awards are usually perceived to be about credibility, and showing people what you can [...]

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Better Research, Better Design, Better Results

As those that have worked with us over the years will know, we have put a lot of time and effort in to developing our processes. From both the perspective of cutting costs and maximising impact we believe in getting involved in projects as soon as possible, and this has led us to refine over [...]

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Why Digital Marketing Methodologies Are (Mostly) a Load of Rubbish

This may be something of a controversial statement. However, the digital marketing space is a crowded one and everyone wants to make it known they are different from the rest. In an attempt to convey knowledge and trustworthiness though, there’s a lot of language being used by both agencies and freelancers that is at [...]

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Free Local SEO Workshop – May 18th

Next month, we will be holding a free to attend workshop at our offices in central Norwich. The purpose of this is help local businesses that need help with bringing in traffic, leads and sales to their sites, and will focus on real world examples. To make this as effective as possible, we are looking [...]

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Campaign: Hobbies Legacy Plans

While meeting with the staff at Hobbies we were handed some old wooden model plans once released by the company in their annual catalogue, dating back to the late 1950s. We designed a simple campaign using uploaded scans of these plans to draw customers to the Hobbies site, promoting products like craft tools and wood [...]

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Third Conference of the World Banana Forum

The World Banana Forum is a permanent platform that promotes collaboration and open dialogue on challenges facing the banana industry by bringing together key stakeholders, including representatives of the global supply chain. We have worked with the Forum on a number of projects aimed at raising visibility ahead of their Third Conference, which has now been announced [...]

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New client: Rankin Bros and Sons

We're pleased to announce that our latest new client is Rankin Bros and Sons, an independent family managed business supplying closures and merchandising products to the packaging industries at home and abroad. Founded in 1774, the company has a long and proud association with beers, wines and spirits, and owns and manage 4,500 acres of cork forestry [...]

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For Rangers and World Ranger Day

Did you know that more wildlife rangers have been killed in the last ten years than British and American military personnel. Over 1000 have been killed since 2003. 31st July was World Rangers Day, commemorating wildlife rangers killed on duty, as well as acknowledging their vital contribution to the protection of endangered species such as elephants [...]

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Whisky Live – London 2017

The latest Whisky Live event took place in London this weekend. This saw producers from four corners of the globe gather to showcase their rare, unique and hard to find whiskies, as well as some of the more mainstream brands you would expect to find in specialist whisky retailers. At short notice, we were tasked [...]

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The Power of the Past: Nostalgia in Marketing

TimeHop, #ThrowbackThursday and Facebook's 'On This Day' are all strong indicators that nostalgia and social media are often complimentary. For brands to make the most of this, their social media marketing campaigns must provide personal value to their audiences. Over on Social Media Week, Blink's Lily Bradic discusses the power of nostalgia in online marketing, and the ways in [...]

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