About James Macnamara

James is Head of Delivery for Blink SEO. He has worked for Blink for a number of years now, and is responsible for much of the initial strategy we do for our clients, as well as making sure everything gets done to the highest standard. He also performs technical auditing and content research.

Blink Are Crowdfunding For The Green Door

This may come as a shock, but Blink SEO isn’t (yet) a bunch of robots churning out SEO-friendly content and helping clients grow. There are real people behind the screens— people who, like most of us, want to make a difference, however small or large that may be. We want to make our mark on [...]

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Pagination and Duplicate Content – What’s the Right Thing to Do?

While technical SEO is essentially a logical discipline, it can sometimes present problems for which there seems to be no one right answer. A great example of this comes in a problem most SEOs will encounter at some point: how do you avoid duplicate content issues between a legitimate series of paginated pages? One of [...]

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