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Molly is Blink SEO's Content Specialist and is responsible for researching, planning and delivering eye-catching content for our clients.

Turning News Stories Into SEO Content

Constantly coming up with fresh ideas to add value to your client’s website can be tricky. After a while, it might feel that you’ve exhausted every keyword and search term in the book. Thankfully, the news cycle in your clients’ industries can add some much-needed inspiration for high-value landing pages that lead directly to [...]

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How To Write About Specialised or Technical Subjects

Copywriters have a tendency to accumulate a somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of a huge variety of subjects. Day to day, you’re expected to be able to write confidently and authoritatively about anything clients might throw of you, regardless of your own level of expertise in that area. With particularly challenging topics, perhaps covering products and services [...]

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New Team Member

Hi, everybody! My name’s Molly and I’ve recently started working with Blink SEO as a Content Specialist. I’ve been working hard and settling in over the last few months, getting used to planning, writing and delivering all kinds of content for our wide variety of clients. Other aspects of my job include keyword research, content [...]

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Google’s Meta Description Length U-turn

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that the length of meta descriptions – the snippets that appear in the engine’s search results – had been slightly shortened, only five months after increasing them to display upwards of 300 characters. RankRanger’s tracker tool now puts average length of the description snippets at around 160 characters on desktop, [...]

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