As those that have worked with us over the years will know, we have put a lot of time and effort in to developing our processes. From both the perspective of cutting costs and maximising impact we believe in getting involved in projects as soon as possible, and this has led us to refine over and over again the way we work with stakeholders such as design and development teams. With this in mind, we have written a post over at Smashing Magazine which covers this in some detail. Here is a synopsis if you don’t have time for the full 4,000+ words right now:

Most web professionals like to see their influence felt in web design projects as early as possible, in order to make sure what they have to say gets heard. Yet often SEOs and content marketers are asked to step in post-launch when the design work is more or less complete. However, there are very real benefits, ranging from better UX to lower costs to using SEO-focused data such as keyword research as a springboard for design and development, rather than having to turn to it further down the line.

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