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Case study: BlindsInABox

“It’s obvious Blink are experts in eCommerce. We were paying our last agency quite a lot of money and we were not getting any results at all. Instead, Blink have listened to what we need and been respectful of our budgets.

“We’re now having record sales because of the work they have been doing.”

-Dominic Lawrence, Owner of BlindsInABox

From the very beginning, it was obvious BlindsInABox had a great product.

They offer temporary blinds that require no-drilling installation. Simply peel the sticky backing off the blinds and hang them up.

But if you’re in the DTC sector, you’ll know that a great product is only the start to seeing real success with a business – and there’s a long way to go from there.

For BlindsInABox, they had the right offering, but it was a matter of getting it noticed by the right people, and though they were working with an outside agency to achieve just this, the team still weren’t seeing the numbers they wanted.

So how could they start getting the visibility—and sales—they needed?  Our view was that while a well-executed SEO campaign would help with the former, sales were unlikely to grow with the existing website.

But before we go into the success story, let’s first take a closer look at who BlindsInABox are as a company and the challenges they faced.


Target audience: First-time home buyers, renters, home renovators and students

The name sums it up with BlindsInABox – they’re a home design company selling temporary blinds. The business took off after a successful appearance on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den.

Their product offering is simple, but effective. They offer two sizes of blinds in two colours (white and black-out black) that can be hung up without having to drill into walls. They’re marketed as affordable, easy-to-use and adaptable to any size space.

The problem

When we first teamed up with BlindsInABox, they’d been working with another agency and weren’t getting anywhere.

Right away, their issues were clear to us: they were working with an ageing, inefficient website, and experiencing a lack of visibility for the relevant, high-intent keywords that would help drive their sales.

The overall design and branding on their site were becoming outdated, as you can see below.

And while the design itself was functional, the checkout experience was poor, and the branding needed an update that would help it appeal to one of the core groups in its target audience: younger customers, particularly students.

The second issue BlindsInABox faced was around keywords – for high-intent, primary keywords, the business was ranking at #10, with irrelevant blog content appearing in SERPS rather than sales-focused landing pages.

The solution

The first stop in our solution for BlindsInABox was redesigning the website.

We brought the site up to date with a sleek, modern design that mirrored the brand’s ethos, which is that its product is simple, but effective. High in quality, but low in price.

Another key priority was to simplify the checkout process. We did this by removing unnecessary steps within the checkout journey, as well as fixing a substantial issue that made it difficult for some customers using Chrome to add products to their carts.

We also implemented a detailed content plan, which included a number of product information pages that would rank in searches as opposed to blog content. This meant users would land on far more relevant pages, which would more likely lead to conversions.

The results

The BlindsInABox brand has come leaps and bounds over the last few years.

Back in April, they achieved a record number of sales in a day and have otherwise doubled their average daily sales. They also currently rank first for the ultra-relevant keyword “temporary blinds,” even landing ahead of Amazon.

They’ve also seen the following improvements:

  • Overall traffic increased by 116%
  • Organic traffic up by 71%
  • Increased conversion rate by 550%
  • Overall revenue up by 90%
  • Organic revenue increased by 1,617%

Above all, their new branding and the product itself are resonating with their customers. They’ve always had a great product, but now it’s reaching the right audience.

Since we first started working with BlindsInABox, we’ve expanded our work with them to include other paid channels that have seen even more success. Keep an eye out for future case studies in which we break down how this was achieved.

And if the challenges BlindsInABox faced sound a little too familiar, get in touch – we’d love to see how we can help.

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