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How to understand a loss in revenue for eCommerce businesses

How to understand a loss in revenue for eCommerce businesses

Have you seen organic revenue fall over the past few months or even years? Are you struggling to sort through the vast amounts of data available to understand why this is happening?

This is a problem a number of eCommerce businesses have approached us with over the years. That’s why we’ve developed a detailed and data-driven process to help provide businesses with clear answers to these questions and start developing a path toward getting that lost revenue back.

And because we believe in the power of this process so much, we’re now able to offer it to businesses beyond our clients. For those interested, we’ll create one of our custom reports that can help identify a business’s problem point and talk you through steps you can take to rectify it.

What’s more is, we’ll do all this completely free of charge.

Here’s an example of the type of report we can create:

In the above report, we’re able to identify what keywords on a particular site that have seen the biggest fall in revenue. From there, this business can work toward fixing these issues and adjust their strategy going forward.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Connect your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts through API to our data warehouse
  • Use custom metrics built by our data team to examine, including estimated revenue by query, high-impact terms and pages, and falls in brand vs. non-brand sales
  • Build a Data Studio report that we’ll share with you detailing the terms and URLs behind the decline
  • Outline our suggested strategy for regaining – and growing – traffic and sales

We’ll then present this dashboard and our findings in a 45-minute session online via Zoom or Google Meet.

We should also stress that this is not a sales call – instead, we’ll focus on helping you make sense of the data behind the issues you’re facing and show you the best path forward.

To get started, just click this link and enter your details. We’ll then be in touch shortly with your custom report!

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