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Introducing our new partner, ITQ Digital!

ITQ Digital

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with ITQ Digital, a full-service eCommerce agency!

For more than twenty years, they’ve been partnering with eCommerce businesses to help them grow through smart, targeted online store design and by directing clients to the best resources to help them improve their online presence.

We always go on and on about how an agency should be a collaborative partner and not just a supplier, and that’s part of why we clicked with ITQ so well – they emphasise working with clients, not just for them, which is probably why they’ve been doing what they do for so long and so well.

Who are ITQ Digital?

ITQ Digital are an eCommerce growth agency that specialises in building websites and eCommerce stores designed for optimal performance. They’re particularly strong in helping independently owned and managed businesses, and are experts in Magento and Aero Commerce.

Part of their ethos is about taking the time to understand a business and its unique needs before diving in. They also act as a one-stop shop for many businesses, as they’re partnered with other eCommerce experts that can fill in the gaps for digital services beyond their scope of work (like us!).

Partnerships are key to ensuring we’re offering the best resources and services we can to clients, so we’re really looking forward to working alongside a company as experienced in their field as ITQ Digital. 

We’re even teaming up with them on our webinar next month, How to Outrank Amazon, where we’ll discuss how SEO and web dev can work together to help small businesses beat the big guys in SERPs.

Keep an eye out for more of our joint work with ITQ Digital, but in the meantime, if you or your business are interested in partnering up with us, drop us a message or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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