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Know your agency: How we work with our partners

How we work with partners

If you’ve been watching us on LinkedIn recently, you’ll know that over the last year we’ve more than doubled in size. 

And while the vast majority of this is down to rounding out our services and delivering some pretty great work, another big factor has been our growing list of partners.

Because while it can seem counterintuitive to work with other businesses related to your field in one way or another, we’ve found it’s not only helped expand our client list, but round out the breadth of knowledge and expertise we’re able to provide our clients.

We’ve found that working with partners—particularly those in the eCommerce sector, in our case—who can provide a great service to our clients in areas we aren’t familiar with helps to make sure our clients have access to all the resources they need, and from people they can trust. 

These partnerships benefit us, they benefit our partners, and mostly importantly, they benefit our clients. 

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to outline just how we work with partners and what we can offer, plus how you can join our growing network.

Why do we work with partners?

For us, the move toward working with partners was an obvious choice.

We can’t be experts in everything, even everything within the eCommerce world. And there are times when our clients require help in areas we’re either unfamiliar with, or don’t feel we can provide the right kind of support.

This is where our partners come in. We specifically team up with people that are experts in what they do, people we trust and who our clients can rely on to receive the best possible insight. 

Our partners are people we feel comfortable consulting with when we or our clients need more information in our partners’ area of expertise, or even passing along work to them when they offer a service we don’t.

Because we get that in most cases, our eCommerce clients need far more than just PPC support, digital PR campaigns or even comprehensive SEO campaigns. When we work with partners, we can make sure our clients are receiving the full range of services their businesses need to succeed, and that they’re getting this help from someone they can trust.

And we won’t lie – not only does having partnerships benefit our clients, but us too. It’s helpful for us to have a list of trusted consultants we can confer with about certain projects, especially if we know them and have already worked together in the past.

And if we can help each other out by referring business to one another, that’s great too.

Who are our partners?

Because we’re a specialist eCommerce digital marketing agency, we primarily work with people in the same sector. We share audiences, so it makes sense to partner with businesses that understand our clients and what they need like we do.

In the past, we’ve partnered with web developers and eCommerce apps, all of whom have a deep understanding of the eCommerce market and can provide valuable insight to our clients.

But when we partner up with another business, we don’t just look for similar business models – outlook and approach are incredibly important to us too.

For us, providing clients with the best service possible involves making suggestions that are in the client’s best interest, even if it goes against our own. People come to us looking for the best way to solve a problem rather than us selling our services, and who know we’re going to do the right thing for our clients for the long term.

In turn, we want to partner with people that will do the same.

How do we work with our partners?

We’re hands on and consultative, so we like to work with our partners in the same way (and who, in turn, like to work with us this way too).

We like to team up on projects, provide insight where we can, and even help out with marketing activities. Recently, we hosted a webinar with one of our newer partners, ITQ Digital.

Together, we tackled the topic of how DTC businesses can outrank Amazon. We were able to look at it from a positioning and content strategy perspective, while they approached it from a technical angle, discussing tangible design steps businesses can take to make sure their stores are in the best state possible. We combined our knowledge to make a comprehensive webinar, and were incredibly happy with the outcome.

When talking about the process of working with us thus far, Bridget Loulie, Customer Growth Director of ITQ Digital said: 

“Our partnership with Blink is going from strength to strength. Preparing for the recent joint webinar “How to Outrank Amazon” was great fun, and opened up some really good conversations with attendees. 

“Each time we’ve introduced Blink to an opportunity, they have always responded with great enthusiasm. I can say that our joined-up approach has led to more in-depth conversations and ultimately an ability to deliver greater value to the client.”

We think it’s this hands-on approach that builds particularly strong partnerships. Which brings us to our next point – the white label conundrum. 

While we’ve worked as white labelled partners in the past, it isn’t our preferred means of business. We find it tends to pose communication problems, and because we’re hired for our expertise, this can mean either diluting it or complicating things in the process.

Many businesses referred to us by our partners have worked with other digital marketing agencies that haven’t done a great job, so we put a lot of effort into being transparent about expectations and ensuring our communication with them is strong and clear.

We want to prove our worth and build trust, which is why we don’t work with contracts, either. We want our clients to stick around because they want to, not because a piece of paper is tying them in.

And without having clear lines of communication with clients, we find this can become unnecessarily difficult.

What do we offer our partners?

While we can offer commission when working with partners, our primary offering is our insight and advice. We’ve got years of industry experience and are happy to share our findings and insight wherever possible.

We’re problem solvers. We’ve got a great network and a team full of experts from different fields that are incredibly good at what they do.

We also love a little cross-promotion. We’re constantly planning marketing efforts with our partners, mapping out new webinars, podcasts and video promotions, and are always looking for new ways to shout about the great things our partners can provide, and how we can help them, too.

Because ultimately, that’s what being a great partner is all about – consulting, collaborating, and providing the same level of expertise and insight to one another that you would with a client.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners in the field of eCommerce. If you’re interested in joining our partner network, connect with our team on LinkedIn or get in touch via our website.

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