How To Effectively Recycle Your Social Media Content

As an agency or business manager, planning and scheduling content isn’t always top priority in your list of things to do, but in order to stay relevant online it’s important to have a constant flow of content on your feeds. This, of course, is easier said than done.  Recycling your content online has its benefits, as not everyone will see your post the first time it’s published, and it can generate more traffic to your profiles and your website. Here’s a [...]

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New client: Rankin Bros and Sons

We're pleased to announce that our latest new client is Rankin Bros and Sons, an independent family managed business supplying closures and merchandising products to the packaging industries at home and abroad. Founded in 1774, the company has a long and proud association with beers, wines and spirits, and owns and manage 4,500 acres of cork forestry in the Ribatejo region of Portugal. Our role is to assist with a website migration, as well as social media campaigns and SEO. We're very [...]

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For Rangers and World Ranger Day

Did you know that more wildlife rangers have been killed in the last ten years than British and American military personnel. Over 1000 have been killed since 2003. 31st July was World Rangers Day, commemorating wildlife rangers killed on duty, as well as acknowledging their vital contribution to the protection of endangered species such as elephants and white and black rhinos. As part of our campaign supporting the For Rangers charity, we led a social media fundraising drive. This has been [...]

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New Team Member at Blink

Hi everybody! I’m Lucy, and I’ve just joined Blink as a junior content and search executive. I’m going to be working on a variety of projects for our clients, ranging from social media project and writing content to helping out with usability tests and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) campaigns. I previously studied Creative Media Production, so I'm a dab hand with a camera & Adobe Premiere Pro. I've also had previous social media & marketing work experience which I took [...]

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Whisky Live – London 2017

The latest Whisky Live event took place in London this weekend. This saw producers from four corners of the globe gather to showcase their rare, unique and hard to find whiskies, as well as some of the more mainstream brands you would expect to find in specialist whisky retailers. At short notice, we were tasked with driving up ticket sales using a paid social media campaign. Final results showed that we achieved a return on investment of 1,213%, and we [...]

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New Team Member Joins Blink

Hi I'm Rob, and I've recently joined Blink as a Content Creation Executive. I'll be writing copy and creating pages as well as doing various SEO tasks and running social media accounts for our clients. I'm also a Creative Writing graduate from the UEA and have previously worked in law, drama, catering and commercial writing. I also write for the Norwich Radical, an online magazine based in Norwich.

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Where a Creative Writing Degree Can Take You

One of the banes of studying creative writing is the ever present question: ‘What are you going to do with it?’ Many people might assume that the paths are very limited with a creative writing degree, whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate. However, we have put together a list of just ten of the careers available to those who have studied creative writing, and have accumulated those skills. Read the full article here, and see just a few relevant careers [...]

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The Power of the Past: Nostalgia in Marketing

TimeHop, #ThrowbackThursday and Facebook's 'On This Day' are all strong indicators that nostalgia and social media are often complimentary. For brands to make the most of this, their social media marketing campaigns must provide personal value to their audiences. Over on Social Media Week, Blink's Lily Bradic discusses the power of nostalgia in online marketing, and the ways in which brands can use it to their advantage. Read the full article

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A Beginner’s Guide To Content Curation

As a marketer, producing a constant stream of high-quality content can be a strain. Whether it’s writer’s block, lack of time, or lack of budget, creating enough content to keep your social audiences engaged is not always an easy task. This is where content curation comes in. Content curation is the process of finding interesting content around the web, organising it in a relevant manner and sharing it with your audience. By supplementing your own content with secondary content compiled [...]

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