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The Quick Guide to eCommerce International SEO

International SEO can be a tricky subject, especially for eCommerce. We’ve written an article over at to help businesses get started with targeting overseas traffic.

Here’s an extract:


Your international eCommerce site will either be:

  • Multilingual—offering content in multiple languages. English, French and Spanish for example. Your intention is not to target the regions that speak these languages, just to make sure that people reading these languages are served pages they can understand.
  • Multi-regional—you want to ship products to the UK and the US, but the language of each page will stay the same. You want to serve pages with the right currency, shipping info, payment methods, etc, otherwise users are less likely to convert.
  • Both—you might want to have pages in Spanish that serve up different content to users in Mexico than in Spain. This situation is going to be more common with eCommerce sites, especially as they grow.


Don’t use cookie or browser settings to adjust the content of your pages. Search engines find content changed dynamically difficult to locate, crawl and index. Instead, use different static URLs for all of the pages on your site.

Then, tell Google what language they’re in. For HTML pages, you’ll be using HTML tags commonly known as hreflang tags. The syntax for these tags isn’t hard, and there are lots of HTML validators out there to make sure they’re correct.

Also—use human translations when you can, and avoid side-by-side translations. Search engines use the visible content of your pages to determine what they’re about. If the translation is poor or languages are mixed, it makes their job harder.


  • Are we using static URLs for our pages in other languages? If not—we should be!
  • Have you installed hreflang tags, and are they correct? This is essential when it comes to multilingual sites. Developers might not understand their importance but should know how to implement them, while anyone working on your site’s SEO performance with a real background in SEO should know what hreflang tags are, and why they’re important.

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