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Video: How to outrank Amazon

Video: How to outrank Amazon

Amazon are a formidable opponent in the eCommerce game – in 2020 alone, the retail monolith reported a 38% increase in revenue to staggering $386 billion.

Numbers like this mean they’ve got more flexibility, more resources and, oftentimes (especially in Amazon’s case), more brand awareness. Plus, their sheer size and generalist nature mean they tend to win big in the rankings, too.

This is because Google (and other search engines alike) knows Amazon can satisfy most online queries. Their sheer breadth of products means there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll have what users are looking for.

But who else can satisfy user queries equally, if not better, than Amazon? Specialist SMEs. 

And how do they get a better chance of users finding their product first? By outranking Amazon.

While simply being a specialist in your business sphere is a good start, it’s not everything. When it comes to rankings, there are a lot of SEO factors you’ll need to consider, all of which can have a big impact on where you fall in searches.

But where to start?

To help businesses get the ball rolling, we teamed up with web design experts ITQ Digital to bring together a comprehensive guide SMEs can take to getting ahead of Amazon and other market leaders in the rankings.

In our video below, you’ll pick up actionable tactics to raise your SERP, and learn:

  • Amazon’s primary weaknesses and how to leverage them to your advantage
  • The type of onsite content that, when optimised, can improve your rankings
  • How other brands have successfully outranked Amazon
  • The best practice for product page design
  • How your link profile can affect rankings

It’s a great first step in finding gaps in your site’s positioning and SEO strategies so that you can get your business in shape to start beating Amazon.

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