A 132% YOY increase in organic traffic for

The Laundry Lady 2017-18


Organic Traffic +132%


Our responsibility when it comes to The Laundry Lady site is to grow its traffic and visibility, and ultimately to increase its revenue from online enquiries.

We have seen continued growth throughout the project, since work started on the site in May 2017. Organic traffic has grown each month for the last six months, and is up 132% YOY. Goal completions are also up 272% YOY.

Our strategy for The Laundry Lady site has focused on technical SEO, on-page optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and content creation.

Technical SEO

  • Weekly audits of the site to check for flags and technical errors
  • Regular report documents bringing this data together
  • Analytics reporting and insight

With a small site there is less scope for technical issues to affect ranking authority. However, the site’s clean code means other changes are more likely to have their desired effect.

On-page optimisation

  • Updates to page titles and meta descriptions
  • Updating copy to include focus keywords
  • User intent analysis and usability checks

Page titles are the strongest signal to a search engine as to a page’s topic, while meta descriptions are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) and are designed to encourage click-through-rate. The way keywords are deployed in a page’s copy are also important when it comes to ranking authority.

Throughout the project we have been updating this data, altering titles when we have seen ranking fluctuations and adding meta descriptions to all pages gaining organic traffic. The way keywords are used throughout the site are an important factor when it comes to the ranking increases we have seen for both local and national keywords.

Content creation

  • Keyword research to discover relevant, good opportunity keywords
  • Creating pages targeting specific localities and their associated keywords
  • Content delivery

Content has been the largest factor in the growth of The Laundry Lady site’s organic traffic levels. We have created a number of new pages in the last six months, which now represent almost 33% of total organic sessions.