What Is Objection Handling And How Do Copywriters Leverage It For Sales?

In the internet age, great copywriters are a brand’s most effective sales force. Most prospective customers don’t interact with a salesperson when purchasing a product or booking a service anymore, meaning that web copy is often the only direct sales pitch they are exposed to during the buying cycle. Many of our clients are [...]

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Free Local SEO Workshop – May 18th

Next month, we will be holding a free to attend workshop at our offices in central Norwich. The purpose of this is help local businesses that need help with bringing in traffic, leads and sales to their sites, and will focus on real world examples. To make this as effective as possible, we are looking [...]

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Is it Safe for Charities to Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Feature?

With new data protection regulations to be enforced in 2018, it’s time for businesses to start organising their consumer data and to begin to comply early on, so as not to be caught out. However, is it still a good idea - for charities in particular - to use Facebook’s Lookalike audience feature when creating [...]

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What Will GDPR Mean for Digital Marketing Firms?

GDPR is going to be a serious and pressing concern for any company that does any marketing or data-driven business in Europe, potentially opening up those that fall foul to a world of lawsuits and heavy fines. Fortunately, improving data protection and collection policies to fall in line should actually improve productivity and efficiency, so [...]

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The Power of the Past: Nostalgia in Marketing

TimeHop, #ThrowbackThursday and Facebook's 'On This Day' are all strong indicators that nostalgia and social media are often complimentary. For brands to make the most of this, their social media marketing campaigns must provide personal value to their audiences. Over on Social Media Week, Blink's Lily Bradic discusses the power of nostalgia in online marketing, and the ways in [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Content Curation

As a marketer, producing a constant stream of high-quality content can be a strain. Whether it’s writer’s block, lack of time, or lack of budget, creating enough content to keep your social audiences engaged is not always an easy task. This is where content curation comes in. Content curation is the process of finding interesting [...]

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