Turning News Stories Into SEO Content

Constantly coming up with fresh ideas to add value to your client’s website can be tricky. After a while, it might feel that you’ve exhausted every keyword and search term in the book. Thankfully, the news cycle in your clients’ industries can add some much-needed inspiration for high-value landing pages that lead directly to [...]

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Facebook to Exclude Billions of People from Upcoming GDPR Protection

Facebook is under continuous pressure following the events of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with Mark Zuckerberg still facing calls to appear in front of various political communities across the world. However, on 24th April 2018 in an article published by Reuters it emerged that Facebook are to exclude billions of their users from the [...]

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Is it Safe for Charities to Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Feature?

With new data protection regulations to be enforced in 2018, it’s time for businesses to start organising their consumer data and to begin to comply early on, so as not to be caught out. However, is it still a good idea - for charities in particular - to use Facebook’s Lookalike audience feature when creating [...]

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Instagram Hits 800 Million Users

Continuing its rapid growth, photo-based microblogging platform Instagram has reached a milestone of 800 million monthly active users. Facebook, Instagram’s owner, may still lead the way with roughly 2 billion, but Instagram is quickly catching up compared to Twitter and Pinterest, growing its latest additional 100 million active users in just five months. However, this [...]

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How To Effectively Recycle Your Social Media Content

As an agency or business manager, planning and scheduling content isn’t always top priority in your list of things to do, but in order to stay relevant online it’s important to have a constant flow of content on your feeds. This, of course, is easier said than done.  Recycling your content online has its benefits, as [...]

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For Rangers and World Ranger Day

Did you know that more wildlife rangers have been killed in the last ten years than British and American military personnel. Over 1000 have been killed since 2003. 31st July was World Rangers Day, commemorating wildlife rangers killed on duty, as well as acknowledging their vital contribution to the protection of endangered species such as elephants [...]

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