As an agency or business manager, planning and scheduling content isn’t always top priority in your list of things to do, but in order to stay relevant online it’s important to have a constant flow of content on your feeds. This, of course, is easier said than done. 

Recycling your content online has its benefits, as not everyone will see your post the first time it’s published, and it can generate more traffic to your profiles and your website. Here’s a few suggestions. 


Freshen Up Those Blog Posts

One of the easiest ways to recycle content is to go through your blog archive, and shake up an old post. Try putting some new life into it by updating the copy and redistribute the link. 

Cross Posting Content

Sometimes, all you have to do is pick a relatively old piece of content from Twitter, and create it into a nice visual graphic for Instagram, or take an old image from Instagram and share it on Twitter as part of a ‘caption contest’. This means that you’re getting use out of content from one platform and putting it on another in a way you may not have considered the first time around, and also helping that content reach a new type of audience.

Take Advantage of ‘#ThrowbackThursday’

If you’re managing the social media for an events company, or a business which has a lot going on all the time, there may be some great items for you to recycle in terms of a #ThrowbackThursday or a #FlashbackFriday. Utilising this can also give the added bonus of providing some insight and background to the brand.

Create a Masterpost

Creating a masterpost with all of the links to everything you’ve covered on a given topic can give your followers a great resource. It can be quite time consuming gathering everything together though, so it can be worth planning ahead and keep all the links and resources for your chosen subject in a document. Pushing this new ‘post’ of everything gives you one last thing to share on a given topic, and can be shared again and again in the future if the topic ever becomes relevant again.