Hi, everybody! My name’s Molly and I’ve recently started working with Blink SEO as a Content Specialist. I’ve been working hard and settling in over the last few months, getting used to planning, writing and delivering all kinds of content for our wide variety of clients. Other aspects of my job include keyword research, content auditing and analysis, social media schedules and pitching new ideas for our digital PR campaigns.

Writing a lot of content isn’t exactly new to me. Aside from my degree in English & Theatre Studies, I’ve been doing freelance journalism, copywriting and digital work for over three years, creating content for current affairs sites, national music magazines, local businesses, arts centres and regional newspapers. I was also a senior editor for an award-winning student publication. Over the years, I’ve acquired a pretty diverse skill set that includes digital design as well as copywriting, and I’m also a fluent French speaker.

In my spare time, I remain an avid writer, albeit of a different variety. I make music, have been known to write plays and still publish the occasional album review when the mood strikes me. For now though, I’ll be posting on here about copywriting, content strategy, and any other interesting words-related ideas that come to mind.