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Blink SEO

Digital PR and link building

Quality coverage that builds your brand.

Backlinks to your site are a core part of how a search engines determines its authority. By integrating PR and link building, it’s possible to gain valuable links while also increasing brand awareness and overall traffic.

The success of our digital PR campaigns is often driven by our content strategy work, as part of an integrated digital marketing campaign. Here, we take our understanding of your business and customers and create compelling, data-driven stories designed to deliver value long after publication.


Idea generation

We create PR and link building strategies tailored to a client’s needs. But it’s always the quality of the idea that creates the value.

Our team of content strategists and creatives team up for roundtables and brainstorming sessions, generating as many feasible ideas as we can. From there, we refine and research—until we have something we agree is really going to hit the mark.

Expanding the idea

For a story to have traction, it needs depth. While tapping into what’s on trend or on a journalist’s radar, it also needs numbers to back it up—the story has to be real, and properly sourced.

We use a number of techniques here, always aiming to give publishers what they need to get our content live as quickly as possible.

Content promotion

Once something is live, it can be shared and its impact maximised. This is where social media management comes in, as well as email campaigns and other outreach sources.

We want eyes on the content we produce, and all of the the organic backlinks that will come as a result.


Case studies

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