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eCommerce content strategy

Delivering content that converts.

The way people buy is changing. More than 81%  of shoppers carry out research online before purchasing. This research is becoming more involved, and the chances of someone picking up the phone if they have a question about your product are slim. If you can’t answer queries at the point of search, then the customer is lost.

The higher the quality of your content, the more opportunities to target the queries that lead to sales, and to overtake even your biggest competitors. We’ve seen this approach work time and time again.

User personas, goal setting and positioning

In our experience, the vast majority of SEO projects fail because of poor positioning.

Your users need to understand exactly who you are and what you are offering as soon as they land on your site. If you can’t show this clearly and immediately, they will go elsewhere.

Our initial work will focus on gaining an understanding of customer personas and what it is that makes your brand different from its competitors.

We will then produce a comprehensive set of research documents informing our content strategy throughout the campaign.


Mapping the user journey

Part of our content strategy always involves looking at the user journey.

A customer’s path through a site is not always straightforward. Often people look for information about a product on a category or guide page, absorbing material from various places before a decision is made.

A content plan should account for these various points of entry, supported by in-depth search query and topic research, as well as best practices regarding site navigation and architecture.

Content delivery and analysis

Now it’s time to get creative. If your content isn’t standing out among your competitors, then it’s unlikely to be effective. Our team of copywriters write exceptional copy underpinned with the commercial and technical knowledge needed for it to have the best chance of success.

Our content campaigns don’t stop at the point of publication. We continually refine our content strategies, optimising and reassessing as the campaign, and your business, changes over time.

Case studies

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