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eCommerce SEO

Effective SEO for growing businesses.

It’s easy to get bogged down in buzzwords and technical terms when it comes to SEO—but the principles are clear. Understand your users. Create the right content. Make sure a search engine can properly crawl and index your site. Promote your content effectively.

We work towards providing the best possible experience for search engines and users encountering your site. This is the approach to SEO that produces results.

Kick-off, setup and onboarding

Our first working period will focus on research, market analysis and crucial onboarding tasks such as setting up analytics and dashboard reporting.

We’ll also start to acquire essential knowledge such as user personas and buyer journeys. Initial technical reviews and content strategy is also often started at this stage, giving us an excellent platform from which to develop your campaign.

Strategy and deliverables

At this point, we begin delivering the core components of the campaign. This might include content, site structure, technical SEO fixes and digital PR plans.

This stage will also include continuous testing and analysis, as we look in further detail at design, user experience, and conversion rate optimisation. The production and testing of core deliverables in this stage will typically be spread across a campaign of at least six months.

Performance and monitoring

At set points in the project we carry out assessments of progress against your business goals. Here, we will present our findings and suggestions for further optimisation, as well as our roadmap for your next phase of growth.

Case studies

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