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eCommerce technical SEO

Real expertise to solve challenging problems.

For eCommerce, technical SEO is particularly important. The more pages your site has and the more complex its architecture, the more likely it is that technical issues will be impacting its visibility – and sales.

Our team has an exceptional background in this area, having led project for brands such as Rolex, Sotherby’s and TUI. We take pride in a detailed knowledge of the subject, and also have developers in-house to make any changes required. This means your site will be worked on by real experts in platforms such as Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce


Technical SEO auditing

Usually initial technical SEO auditing is integrated with wider auditing processes—great content doesn’t work without the right technical elements in place. But we also work specifically on technical issues, whether it’s a migration to a new platform, an indexing issue, or unnecessary code on your site slowing it down.

We look at everything that might be having an impact, explain what should be done about it, and have the in-house resources to get it fixed.

Reviewing the data

You may have seen audits that come back with issues marked as “critical”, with no context or reasoning behind why it might be harming your site. It naturally causes concern.

We vet all the data we see to whether it actually is an issue—often it’s not, and really it’s just a notification that something needs to be looked at. We look at it, understand it, and if it’s a problem we’ll let you know.

Implementing fixes

We have an in-house development team with an understanding of SEO ready to fix any technical issue we come across.

But we are also very used to working closely with developers already on your team. We don’t tread on anyone’s toes and will always suggest the solution that provides the best value and uses available resources in the most efficient way.

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