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We Are Blink

Blink was founded in 2010 by Sam Wright, an experienced copywriter, journalist and SEO consultant.

Our fast-growing team consists of authors, academics and journalists who have worked for the biggest publications around, as well as highly skilled SEO consultants, online marketers and developers.

Managing Director

After completing the UEA's prestigious Creative Writing MA course, Sam founded Blink having previously worked for several years as a freelance journalist and SEO professional.

Content and Search Executive

A Cambridge graduate and experienced copywriter, editor and SEO, James leads a wide range of projects, and is responsible for ensuring quality and consistency for all Blink clients.

Content Creation Executive

Another UEA graduate, Rob handles content generation for our clients, as well as supporting various search and PR campaigns.


Our focus is on content, whether that’s web copy, high quality articles for link building for SEO and marketing, or user-focused design. Over the years we’ve built up considerable expertise in a number of areas, including the oil and gas sector, food and drink and e-commerce. We also carry out white label services for a number of agencies, and have worked on campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands in this capacity.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality work for our clients, taking the time to understand their business and develop the long-lasting relationships that give the best results.