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#Blinktank: Positioning and categorisation for DTC brands

#Blinktank: Positioning and categorisation for DTC brands

Over the last few months, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how critical it is for DTC businesses to get their categorisation and positioning right, but that’s because it really is that important.

We’ve worked with hundreds of eCommerce stores, and categorisation and positioning are concepts very few businesses seem to understand, especially in the SME space – which is always surprising, seeing as how when done correctly, it can be transformative.

That’s why in our latest #Blinktank video, we explore all the fundamentals behind DTC businesses and their categorisation and positioning. This includes what exactly we mean by categorisation and positioning for DTC businesses, why it’s important for SEO and PPC, what to do if you’re a multi-category business or your categorisation is a little complicated, and how to start planning your strategy.

It’s the first in a series we’re producing that walks through the various steps of an SEO strategy for DTC brands, which will ultimately cover foundational work like this right through to execution and measurement. Check out our most recent video above, and stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

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