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Blink SEO

The specialist eCommerce SEO agency

By understanding the position of your business, your history and your goals, we provide SEO and digital marketing campaigns that deliver growth and a real return on investment.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to work on complex projects with eCommerce businesses who may have struggled to find a partner who understands them, or who haven’t been able to find the agency able to give them the results they need.

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For eCommerce businesses, how you use content within your SEO strategy is often the difference between success and failure. This guide is full of practical advice to help drive traffic and sales and improve conversion rates by focusing on content that really delivers.

How to build a quality SEO content strategy for eCommerce sites

who are

We are a specialist eCommerce SEO-focused digital marketing agency with offices in Norwich and Birmingham. We help businesses grow revenue and build long-lasting customer relationships.

The unique expertise, education and professional history of our team puts us in a special position to deal with the challenges faced by growing eCommerce enterprises.

eCommerce stores are large and technically challenging, with lots of moving parts to understand and bring together under a coherent, integrated marketing strategy. There are very few agencies out there equipped to do this— especially in the way we demonstrate with our results.

Commercially astute, technical experts, exceptional creatives—we like finding elegant answers to difficult questions, and producing refined, quality work. We like to see our own value realised, and the work we do having a measurable impact on your business.

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eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

SEO is a complex umbrella term. Our strategy covers everything you’d expect, as well as areas such as customer profiles and user experience, as well as in-depth topic research and on-page optimisation.

Content strategy

Content strategy

A great content strategy is the cornerstone of every successful eCommerce business. We focus on the intent behind customer behaviour, making sure they can find what they need at every stage of the buyer journey.

Digital PR

Digital PR

Links, awareness, communicating expertise—these are just a few of the benefits of our digital PR campaigns. We use a number of methods to create stories that grab the attention of journalists, publishers and ultimately, your target audience.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Making sure your store is in good health is essential for any business. In the world of eCommerce though this is particularly important, and our in-house team has enormous experience working with all major platforms.





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