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Blink SEO

Our story

We've been helping eCommerce brands grow their businesses for more than a decade.

Over this time, we’ve become known for a commercial focus and a high level of insight, intelligence, and attention to detail. Our ethos is based on finding the right answers to difficult questions. We do this through experience and exceptional knowledge, formed by constant learning, curiosity, and lateral thinking.

We provide an inclusive environment focused on personal and professional development for our team. This means our staff turnover is extremely low, making sure that valuable skills and knowledge stay, and grow, within the business.

Our 4-day week schedule means efficiency is essential to the way we work. We’re also committed members of The 5% Club, as well as regular donators to charities worldwide. A progressive attitude to the work we do is reflected in the way we operate, internally and in collaboration with all of our clients.

Meet the team

Sam Wright

Founder & MD

James Macnamara

Operations Director

Elodie Partridge

Head of SEO

Molly Willis

Content Strategist

Claire Jennison

Finance Manager

Lauren Smithson

Outreach Specialist

Lucy-Kate Burton

Account Executive

Jay Cordt

PPC Specialist

Steven Bister

Web Developer

Paul Jones

Credit Manager