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Turning News Stories Into SEO Content

Constantly coming up with fresh ideas to add value to your client’s website can be tricky. After a while, it might feel that you’ve exhausted every keyword and search term in the book. Thankfully, the news cycle in your clients’ industries can add some much-needed inspiration for high-value landing pages that lead directly to conversions. A significant news story, such as a company going bust or changes to an industry’s regulatory framework, can lead to thousands of searches ending [...]

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How To Write About Specialised or Technical Subjects

Copywriters have a tendency to accumulate a somewhat encyclopedic knowledge of a huge variety of subjects. Day to day, you’re expected to be able to write confidently and authoritatively about anything clients might throw of you, regardless of your own level of expertise in that area. With particularly challenging topics, perhaps covering products and services you’ve never even heard of before, you might find yourself going over a brief and wondering how in the world you’re going to fill up [...]

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The Problem With Paid Awards

“You guys have a great portfolio. Why haven’t you won any awards?” This is a question we were again asked recently, and now looks like as good a time as any to put our thoughts on this subject out there. First, awards are usually perceived to be about credibility, and showing people what you can do. The simple fact is that all the big name awards – Drum, UK Search Awards, RAR etc – are moneymaking enterprises first and foremost. [...]

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Better Research, Better Design, Better Results

As those that have worked with us over the years will know, we have put a lot of time and effort in to developing our processes. From both the perspective of cutting costs and maximising impact we believe in getting involved in projects as soon as possible, and this has led us to refine over and over again the way we work with stakeholders such as design and development teams. With this in mind, we have written a post over [...]

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New Team Member

Hi, everybody! My name’s Molly and I’ve recently started working with Blink SEO as a Content Specialist. I’ve been working hard and settling in over the last few months, getting used to planning, writing and delivering all kinds of content for our wide variety of clients. Other aspects of my job include keyword research, content auditing and analysis, social media schedules and pitching new ideas for our digital PR campaigns. Writing a lot of content isn’t exactly new to me. [...]

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Google’s Meta Description Length U-turn

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that the length of meta descriptions – the snippets that appear in the engine’s search results – had been slightly shortened, only five months after increasing them to display upwards of 300 characters. RankRanger’s tracker tool now puts average length of the description snippets at around 160 characters on desktop, and 130 characters when viewed on a mobile device. Changes like these aren’t uncommon and Google are always quick to point out that they don’t [...]

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Why Digital Marketing Methodologies Are (Mostly) a Load of Rubbish

This may be something of a controversial statement. However, the digital marketing space is a crowded one and everyone wants to make it known they are different from the rest. In an attempt to convey knowledge and trustworthiness though, there’s a lot of language being used by both agencies and freelancers that is at best misguided and – at worse – reinforces some of the most damaging of industry stereotypes. What’s the problem? In many ways, agency websites are [...]

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Facebook to Exclude Billions of People from Upcoming GDPR Protection

Facebook is under continuous pressure following the events of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with Mark Zuckerberg still facing calls to appear in front of various political communities across the world. However, on 24th April 2018 in an article published by Reuters it emerged that Facebook are to exclude billions of their users from the protection of tighter data regulations. From a business perspective, this proposed move by Facebook appears to be a sensible one. Here, the company hopes to [...]

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Free Local SEO Workshop – May 18th

Next month, we will be holding a free to attend workshop at our offices in central Norwich. The purpose of this is help local businesses that need help with bringing in traffic, leads and sales to their sites, and will focus on real world examples. To make this as effective as possible, we are looking for 5 businesses to be used as case studies for the session. This is a great opportunity for your company to have its site reviewed [...]

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Fastscreen’s New Site Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new website for film and television production insurance company Fastscreen, a product created by Charles Milnes and Company. This was a collaborative effort in design and build between us and Hyperpixel, our preferred web development partner. Through the new site, producers and directors, both amateurs and professionals, can access insurance packages designed for them, with the ability to scale up or down to any size of production. With case studies, information [...]

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