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DTC Fashion Project

Delivering with positioning and technical SEO

While Shopify is an excellent platform for many eCommerce businesses – particularly those with relatively small numbers of SKUs – it is not without its quirks. For this direct to consumer project, we found that a number of technical issues around site architecture were preventing it from reaching its full potential.

This is not an uncommon problem, and was diagnosed following our initial technical auditing. Once this was discovered and resolved, this allowed us to concentrate on high value work, such as content strategy and positioning, that allowed us to achieve rapid growth within a few months.

From August 2020 – our first period of work – sales have increased 623% to $287,640 in December. Already January figures are following a similar path, which points to a very successful 2021.


A better understanding of the target audience, driven by the positioning work, has been a driving force behind this success. We are looking forward to continuing this for the coming year.

• Increased revenue by 623%
• Traffic up by 49%
• Conversion rate improved by 140%
• Top #3 rankings for numerous high traffic terms