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Overseeing a complicated domain migration

Hobbies is a well-known brand in the model making community, and has been in business since 1895. As another of our long term term clients, we have been working on their digital presence since 2012, and have overseen and assisted with a big changes is the time, such as numerous platform changes, as well as shifts in strategy and business development.

Throughout this time, we have seen consistent revenue growth from organic traffic of between 10%-60% each year.

However, in February 2020 the decision was made to migrate from  to a newly acquired domain,

The impact of migrations such as these can be severe, with reduced rankings and revenue continuing for months if handled poorly. However, we worked closely with the Hobbies team to audit and implement the migration through a multiple stage process, and Hobbies continues to see an impressive YOY growth in revenue from organic traffic.



After some expected fluctuation, within three weeks of the switch rankings had recovered fully.

Since then we have seen a continued strong performance in organic revenue, with many high traffic terms now outperforming the site pre-migration. Overall since the migration revenue has increased by 150.43% and organic revenue by 255.89%.

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